Systems Engineering

IERUS Technologies provides detailed systems engineering expertise and support for a wide variety of defense and commercial technologies.IERUS is experienced in support of government and large business systems engineering activities. IERUS has operated in close-support roles with large business contractors and understands how to operate within their framework. IERUS has been contracted to develop detailed program and corporate processes for large businesses and has assisted in the development of government agency processes.While IERUS is ready to support any systems engineering function, IERUS is particularly suited and experienced in providing systems engineering support in systems related to RF components, antennas, radars, IR/optical sensors, EM materials, or ballistic missile technologies. It is the belief of the IERUS management team that successful systems engineering activities require not only an understanding of systems engineering concepts but also the related technologies.

IERUS is a “prime-side” contractor, providing small business signatures analysis to large business and small business primes as well as the government. IERUS provides an OCI-free, small business option for systems engineering support. IERUS avoids participation in government support contractor contracts with OCI clauses prohibiting support of hardware development.

IERUS’s systems engineering customers include Lockheed-Martin Space Systems Company and L-3 Communications. Experience with these customer reaches from large-scale proposal support and subject-matter-expert data review to detailed, full-program signatures design. IERUS is experienced in leading integrated and in-depth systems engineering support for large-scale ($400M+/year) programs from SRR through first article and operational test.

IERUS is ready to support your systems engineering needs. Contact us!