Jobs Listing

Listed below are available positions at IERUS Technologies. IERUS recruits and retains a work force of highly skilled and educated engineers, scientists and mathematicians. We believe that the employees are our most valuable asset and are committed to recruiting high caliber personnel. IERUS’s leadership emphasizes a focus on our employees. Offering a culture encouraging creativity, a flexible work schedule, and competitive compensation, IERUS ensures our employees are fulfilled intellectually while maintaining work-life balance. IERUS is specifically looking for the positions listed below but we are always seeking high energy, talented personnel.
Radar Analyst
Software Developer
EO/IR Engineer
Sensor Test Engineer
RF / Antenna Engineer
Network Design Engineer
Sensor Analyst / Systems Engineer
ACAS Application Engineer
Cyber Security Engineer
Mechanical Drafter
GUI Design
Test Engineer
Software Engineer
IT Professional
Trajectory Analyst
Systems Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
IR Analyst