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IERUS Technologies Featured on WHNT

30 October 2015: IERUS Technologies was featured on WHNT Friday October 30, 2015. The video is below, the full story can be seen here.

Lockheed Martin Awarded $784 Million Contract to Build Ballistic Missile Defense Radar

26 October 2015: Press Release Link

V-Lox 2.1 Release

v_lox_logo_trim-100x364 September 2015: IERUS Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce version 2.1 of our flagship 3D computational electromagnetics software package V-Lox. The new version provides users with several exciting updates and performance improvements including: Matrix fill times 40% faster for metal interaction calculations, Multi-precision support for improved large-scale problem stability and accuracy, Support for the latest NVIDIA GPUs including Titan X and K80, and Improved fast direct solver performance reducing memory requirements and runtimes for large-scale problems by 20%. “With of the latest version of V-Lox you can not only solve larger problems faster but also solve problems not previously thought possible.” – Said Dr. Daniel Faircloth, Chief Engineer, IERUS Technologies. “We are solving problems that took days to weeks a year ago and solving them in hours.” With V-Lox v2.1, IERUS recently demonstrated accurate solution of a 1 million unknown problem in only 10 hours on a single workstation. Contact us to see your Solutions Accelerated™.

About V-Lox

V-Lox is a high performance computational electromagnetics simulation tool incorporating the latest advances in hardware and algorithmic acceleration techniques. V-Lox uses a rigorous formulation based on the Method of Moments to ensure accurate and efficient solutions to antenna, scattering, and microwave circuit problems. With the ability to handle geometries composed of arbitrary metallic and material (dielectric and magnetic) objects, V-Lox is ideally suited to handle all of your advanced modeling requirements. Multi-core and multi-GPU support for V-Lox’s fast direct solver provides users with proven 15-25X speedups over competing products.

IERUS Technologies Featured in the Local News

14 August 2015: IERUS Technologies President Dr. Jason Keen was featured twice this week on CBS affiliate WHNT. See the articles and videos here: SMD Sneak Peek SMD Symposium on the Cutting Edge

IERUS Technologies is Exhibiting at the 2015 Space and Missile Defense Symposium2015 SMD Booth

5 August 2015: IERUS can be found in Booth #615 showcasing technology concepts and designs. Technologies that will be showcased include various antenna designs including ultrathin communications antennas installed on a F3 race car, EOIR/Laser technologies, and Counter Small UAS systems, among others. The symposium is being hosted at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL from August 11 – 13.

IERUS Technologies Celebrates 5 Years With New Prototype and Test Facility Ribbon Cutting

12 June 2015: Today IERUS Technologies hosted the ribbon cutting of its new Prototype and Test Facility as part of its 5-year anniversary celebration. In attendance were various community leaders, corporate executives, and IERUS employees. “Five years ago IERUS consisted of three employees working out of an office no larger than a broom closet,” said IERUS President Dr. Jason Keen. “Now we are a company of more than 30 professionals supporting a number of DoD and commercial customers.” Guests were invited in to tour the facilities, which included IERUS’s prototyping and manufacturing capabilities, RF test lab, and optics lab.

IERUS Technologies Named “Best Places to Work” Finalist for the Third Year in a Row

3 April 2015: IERUS Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that the Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce has named us a Finalist in the 2015 Best Places to Work competition. This is the third year in a row IERUS has received this honor. Participants in the Best Places to Work competition are evaluated on the basis of anonymous surveys administered to employees by a third party. To become a Finalist, candidate companies must have a 75% response rate, an 80% or higher score, and no dissatisfied employees. “IERUS is committed to the happiness and development of our employees, ” said Dr. Jason Keen, IERUS President. “This honor shows that our employees perceive and value that commitment.”

IERUS and Entrotech team up to deliver antenna solutions to the motorsports community.

26 March 2015: IERUS Technologies Inc. and AERO Advanced Paint Technology manufacturer Entrotech have teamed up to deliver conformal antenna solutions to the motorsports community. The technology has been tested in a number of events including practice days with various IndyCar teams. Last weekend was the first time the combined IERUS-Entrotech solution was installed for an official race. Further details at:

IERUS Technologies Names Dr. Greg Finney as Vice President of Technical Operations

24 February 2015: Dr. Greg Finney, has been named IERUS’s Vice President of Technical Operations. Dr. Finney received his BS in Physics from the Air Force Academy, his MS in Physics from the University of New Mexico, and his PhD from the University of Arkansas. Dr. Finney served in the United States Air Force in various roles including teaching at the Air Force Academy and performing research and development at the Air Force Research Lab. Dr. Finney retired as a Lieutenant Colonel serving as the Chief, Novel Payloads Division for the National Reconnaissance Office. Before joining IERUS, Dr. Finney worked as the Director, Sensors and Space Systems for Kratos Defense and Security Solutions. Since joining IERUS, Dr. Finney has led IERUS’s optics efforts as well as performed systems integration and systems analysis for missile systems and seekers. In his new role, Dr. Finney will be responsible for overseeing the execution of all direct support to our customers, ensuring all technical obligations are fulfilled, and maintaining a highly-qualified work force at the appropriate level. Dr. Jason Keen, President of IERUS Technologies Inc., said, “As IERUS continues to expand and grow we will need high quality personnel to step into leadership roles. Dr. Finney, through his background, experience, and performance at IERUS, has demonstrated the qualities and ethics IERUS is looking for when filling leadership roles. Naming Dr. Finney to the role of Vice President of Technical Operations will enable IERUS’s continued growth and delivery of high quality of products and services to our customers.”

IERUS Technologies and Lockheed Martin Win Prestigious Nunn-Perry Award for Protege DevelopmentFullSizeRender

4 February 2015: IERUS Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the IERUS – Lockheed Martin team has been selected as a Nunn-Perry Award winner. The Nunn-Perry Award honors DoD-sponsored Mentor-Protégé teams that show outstanding development of the Protégé company. IERUS and Lockheed Martin entered the Missile Defense Agency (MDA)-funded Mentor-Protégé relationship in September of 2012. The team’s developmental program focus has included planning, AS9100 Quality Management System certification, and earned value management among other areas. “This award recognizes the hard work put in by the IERUS and Lockheed Martin Team to develop IERUS into a well-rounded supplier of defense products and services,” said IERUS President Dr. Jason Keen. “We are honored to be a partner with a company with the heritage and capabilities of Lockheed-Martin. We hope to continue our relationship, finding new opportunities to bring value to our customers and capability to the warfighter.” The Nunn-Perry Awards are presented to honor Mentor-Protégé teams who have excelled in the areas of technical assistance, returns on investment, quality, and Protégé development. According to Kenyata Wesley, Deputy Director, Technology and Innovation, Office of Small Business Programs, competition is extremely keen every year, and this year was no exception. Wesley reviewed every submission and considered the merits of each proposal prior to selecting and forwarding this year’s winners to OSBP. IERUS will receive the award March 12, 2015 at the Mark Center in Alexandria Virginia.

IERUS Technologies Achieves AS9100C Certification

19 December 2014: IERUS Technologies is pleased to announce receipt of AS9100C certification. IERUS’s Quality Management System has been independently audited and certified to the AS9100C standard. “IERUS has long had a goal of supplying the defense industrial base with cutting edge technology solutions”, said IERUS President Dr. Jason Keen, “This certification removes a critical roadblock to our ability to support the warfighter while simultaneously recognizing IERUS’s commitment to a quality product.” A special thanks to the team that shepherded IERUS through this process and the Mentor-Protégé program that made it possible, IERUS QMR Sam Holliday and our LMSSC Mentors.

IERUS Technologies is Exhibiting at the 2014 Air Force Small Business Industry Day

20 October 2014: IERUS will be displaying at the Air Force Small Business Industry Day on 18-20 November at the Huntsville Marriott. The industry day is “designed to increase small business participation and awareness in the Air Force supply chain.” IERUS will be displaying various modeling and simulation capabilities as well as antenna and materials designs. Come see us, stop by the booth! Huntsville Marriott 5 Tranquility Base Huntsville, Alabama 35805

IERUS Technologies is Exhibiting at the 2014 Space and Missile Defense Symposium

28 July 2014: IERUS is displaying in booth #125 showcasing technology concepts and designs. IERUS Chief Scientist Dr. Horn will be presenting “Fast, Rigorous RF Signature Predictions With Software and Hardware Acceleration Techniques” at the technology track on Wednesday August 13th. The symposium is being hosted at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL from August 11 – 14.

IERUS Technologies Participating in Team OMSAS

1 July 2014: IERUS Technologies Inc is proud to be participating in TeamOMSAS ( TeamOMSAS is seeking experienced missile analysis and missile engineering professionals with a background in intelligence analysis in support of our bid for MSICs’s Offensive Missile Systems contract.

IERUS Technologies is Exhibiting at the 2014 National Space and Missile Materials Symposium

20 June 2014: “The NSMMS brings together the Nation’s technology leaders to review the critical challenges of materials, processing, and manufacturing for space, missile, and hypersonic systems”. IERUS is displaying in booth #130 showcasing missile technology concepts and designs. The symposium is being hosted at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL from June 23 – 26.

IERUS Technologies Best Places to Work Finalist

25 April 2014: IERUS Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that we are a finalist/contender for the Best Places to Work by the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce for the second year in a row. “This is a recognition of IERUS’s philosophy that our employees are our greatest asset” said Dr. Jason Keen, IERUS President. “IERUS is committed to hiring and retaining top talent and the best way to do that is to ensure our employees are happy.”

IERUS Technologies Wins Prime SeaPort-e Contract

23 January 2014: IERUS Technologies is pleased to announce today that the Navy has selected IERUS as a SeaPort-e prime contractor in Zones 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7. SeaPort-e is the Navy’s IDIQ contract vehicle for acquiring support services in 22 functional areas including Engineering and Business functions. IERUS’s main areas of interests lie in four areas of the Statement of Work: Research and Development, Modeling and Simulation, Measurement Facilities, Range and Instrumentation Support, and Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model Making and Fabrication Support but can support the Navy in all SeaPort-e focus areas. The IERUS team for the proposal included Asymmetric Technologies and Lockheed Martin. “IERUS is a company focused on transitioning cutting edge research and development technology to the war-fighter. This win gives IERUS and our teammates the opportunity to bring cost effective solutions and novel products to the Navy,” said IERUS President Jason Keen, “We are excited about the opportunity, ready and prepared to support the Navy.”

IERUS Technologies Wins Phase II Award from the Missile Defense Agency

19 December 2013: IERUS Technologies is pleased to announce today that the Missile Defense Agency has selected IERUS for a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) award on “Telemetry Impact Reduction for Target Objects”. IERUS will work to design telemetry antennas that reduce the impact to ballistic missile defense target signatures. During Phase I of this SBIR, IERUS designed and simulated performance of antenna elements for transmission and receipt of telemetry and simulated the impacts of the antenna structures on the signatures of the representative objects. During Phase II IERUS will design the remaining elements and refine the design to ensure minimal impact to the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) sensors. During Phase II IERUS will also build and test prototypes of the antennas for incorporation into target vehicles. “Development of representative targets to test the systems we are putting into the hands of our warfighters is of the upmost importance” said IERUS President Dr. Jason Keen, “it ensures that when faced with a real world situation our systems will be able to respond predictably and protect our soldiers. This development will further the representativeness of the targets being used in the BMDS test program.” Approved for Public Release: 13-MDA-7654 (17 December 13)

IERUS Technologies Named Alabama Launchpad Innovation Leader

4 October 2013: IERUS Technologies is pleased to announce receipt of the Alabama Launchpad Innovation Leader Award for contributing to Alabama’s innovation economy. IERUS specifically was awarded for our work within the SBIR program, contributing to Alabama’s economic growth. IERUS was one of 35 Alabama companies receiving this award which recognizes companies securing funding for early-stage innovation ideas. IERUS Technologies is a HUBZone certified and compliant company headquartered in Huntsville, Al specializing in technologies of the electromagnetic spectrum.

IERUS Featured by Lockheed Martin

2 July 2013: IERUS Technologies featured on Lockheed Martin’s supplier site.

V-Lox Release

31 January 2013: IERUS Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the initial release of its flagship computational electromagnetics (CEM) package V-Lox. The namesake comes from the Latin velox, meaning “speed.”  V-Lox utilizes advanced techniques to execute in a computationally efficient manner — translating to larger problems that can be solved quickly on modest computer resources. V-Lox has been demonstrated on real-world problems with over 1M unknowns and can solve problems with 150k unknowns in as little as 1 hour.  The initial release comes with an efficient out of core solver, meaning that problem sizes are limited only by the available hard drive space. “This software is a very powerful tool that IERUS has been using for quite some time internally to conduct antenna and material designs and for solving scattering problems. We knew the limitations of current tools and had to design V-Lox so that we could solve massive problems in the short time available and without the prohibitive costs of other less capable packages,” said IERUS Executive Vice President Michael Roesch. Version 2.0 is expected to be released third quarter CY 2013. The next release will contain multi-GPU hardware based acceleration. GPUs have been used in the past for software acceleration but IERUS personnel were the first to use GPU acceleration for fast direct solvers.  “With modern GPUs, we are able to observe ~10X speed-up on large, practical problems in our daily, industrial use of V-Lox.  This is compared to the highly optimized CPU implementation of V-Lox running on the best available Intel processors,” said Chief Engineer and V-Lox lead designer Dr. Daniel Faircloth. IERUS Technologies Inc. is a HUBZone certified company based in Huntsville, AL, and is in a Department of Defense-sponsored Mentor-Protégé relationship with Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. IERUS provides systems engineering, program management, and analysis support in the defense and commercial sectors. IERUS specializes in RF spectrum design and analysis, globally optimized based design and hardware/software acceleration techniques.


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