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Technologies We'll Be Exhibiting


Compact Electromagnetic Nondestructive Assessment (CENA) Probe is a handheld High Sensitivity RF Probe. It is used for nondestructive evaluation of materials for property and defect inspection.

Ronin VTOL
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A fixed-wing VTOL to forward flight platform with modular payload capability provides a flexible Class 2 UAS platform for multi-mission needs.

Rugged Wideband LTE Antenna
IERUS Rugged LTE Antenna

A wide bandwidth, omnidirectional rad. pattern antenna that is ideal for agricultural vehicles, emergency vehicles, and unmanned ground vehicles.

Voxis Multicopter

A low-cost multi-configuration UAS platform able to provide flexible mission solutions for ISR, communications, and multi-mission needs.

Wideband Polyrod Antenna

A broadband high gain antenna that delivers excellent performance across X through K bands.

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