IERUS Leadership

President – Jason Keen

Dr. Jason M. Keen is the founding President of IERUS Technologies and has overseen its growth from 3 part-time partners to IERUS’s current state. As President, Dr. Keen oversees all aspects of strategic planning and corporate governance. Dr. Keen also performs technical and management roles on IERUS programs. With 18 years of RF and radar experience, Dr. Keen’s background includes radar hardware, software, and testing as well as computational electromagnetics, RF design, signal processing, and systems engineer/analysis.

Executive Vice President – Michael Roesch

Mr. Michael A. Roesch is the Executive Vice President of IERUS Technologies. Since joining IERUS in 2010, Mr. Roesch has led Business Development efforts and strategic planning through IERUS’s growth. As Executive Vice President, Mr. Roesch oversees multiple aspects of strategic planning and corporate development and performs technical and management roles on programs. Mr. Roesch’s background includes radar, hardware engineering and test as well as systems engineering and analysis.

Chief Engineer – Daniel Faircloth

Dr. Daniel L. Faircloth is Chief Engineer of IERUS Technologies. He is responsible for overseeing the technical direction of IERUS, which currently includes development of IERUS’s suite of software tools, antennas, and materials analysis/design.

Dr. Faircloth’s research efforts have been focused on several fronts. He is the primary developer of IERUS’s proprietary optimization tool suite IGO which includes novel genetic, particle swarm, and differential evolution algorithms for solving optimization problems. Dr. Faircloth has created a number of short courses, including those on the application of global optimization to engineering problems, which he has given on a number of occasions at defense companies across the nation.

Dr. Faircloth manages development of IERUS’s flagship computational electromagnetics tool suite V-Lox as well as Flame and V-Lox Multiphysics. Aside from these software packages, he has also developed or contributed heavily to finite element, finite difference time domain, and method of moments codes applicable to the analysis of several problem areas including electrostatics, high frequency antennas, RCS, periodic structures, waveguides and cavities, and other microwave components.

Dr. Faircloth has been an early adopter and leader in the development of hardware-accelerated computational electromagnetics codes using NVIDIA graphics processors.  These developments have led to general-purpose codes that are 20-500X faster than their CPU-based counterparts.  He and co-author Dr. Tyler Killian were the first to GPU accelerate the Adaptive Cross Approximation for the Method of Moments.

Chief Architect – Vaughn Daniel

Mr. Vaughn Daniel is the Chief Architect of IERUS Technologies.  He is responsible for overseeing the company’s software architecture solutions and serves as advocate for the IERUS corporate Agile/SCRUM methodology. Mr. Daniel’s background spans over 35 years of systems and software engineering across DOD programs.  Mr. Daniel has led the development of major simulations, real-time hardware-in-the-loop frameworks and combat system representations in various integrating and federating architectures .  Mr. Daniel has extensive experience supporting Ground Test/Flight Test Campaigns and applies over three decades of software engineering experience and lessons learned combined with principles of state-of-the-art Agile development to ensure IERUS solutions are relevant to the warfighter and exemplify open system architecture industry best practices.

Vice President, Technical Operations – Kyle Moore

Mr. Kyle Moore, is the Vice President of Technical Operations and oversees program execution of IERUS’s technical projects and activities.  Mr. Moore retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2011 and joined IERUS in 2018. While in the Air Force, he led various collection and analysis activities supporting National and Joint requirements, and closed out his career as the Deputy Director of the Missile and Space Intelligence Center in Huntsville, Alabama.  After retiring, he became a DoD contractor providing technical management and analysis oversight for projects supporting the military and various DoD Customers. Mr. Moore continues with those responsibilities in his current role.

Vice President, Business Operations – Billy Todd

Mr. William Todd, Esq. is Vice President of Operations and oversees IERUS’s legal matters, finances, ongoing contracts, human resources, and security.  Since IERUS’s founding he has overseen IERUS’s compliance with the Federal Acquisitions Regulations and has been the primary contracts interface with IERUS’s customers.  As IERUS’s general counsel he designs and implements IERUS’s policies with respect to security, intellectual property, data sharing, and other aspects of customer relationships.

Director, Business Development – Dan Bodeker

Mr. Dan A. Bodeker is the Director of Business Development and also serves as the lead for the System Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Innovation Cell.  Mr. Bodeker has nearly 30 years’ experience supporting DoD and NASA.  As Director of Business Development, Mr. Bodeker is responsible for developing and coordinating the roadmap for strategic growth and supporting all IERUS programs for organic growth opportunities.  Since joining IERUS in early 2017, Mr. Bodeker has helped expand the core capabilities to new customers and increased the support under his group performing flight tests and ground tests for MDA.  Mr. Bodeker’s background includes models and simulations, systems engineering, distributed ground tests and analysis.