IR Signatures

IERUS Technologies is a premier, small business option for IR signatures analysis and predictions.

IERUS uses a combination of off-the-shelf and proprietary tools to provide its customers with superior signatures analysis and design. IERUS develops IR signature products that maximize the customer value proposition. IERUS personnel take pride in being signatures experts, not simply signature tool users. By understanding the mathematical algorithms inherent in the tools, IERUS engineers can insure a quality product.

Commercial and Government off-the-shelf Tools:
  •  Optical Signatures Code
  •  OptiSig
Proprietary Tools:
  • I-FAST

IERUS is prepared to leverage the combination of its off-the-shelf and proprietary tools to meet a wide-variety of user needs. The robust, proprietary tool set enables IERUS engineers to provide pre- and post-processing capability to answer a wide variety of user needs. IERUS’s proprietary tool set has been designed to efficiently support user requirements and design analysis across the thermal and EO/IR signature spectrum.

IERUS’s proprietary IGO tool suite enables advanced signature design potential. IERUS IGO tool suite provides a globally optimized approach to signature design, even supporting multi-physics problems such as simultaneous RF and IR signature design.

IERUS is a “prime-side” contractor, providing small business signatures analysis to large business and small business primes as well as the government. IERUS provides an OCI-free, small business option for signatures analysis and design. IERUS avoids participation in government support contractor contracts with OCI clauses prohibiting support of hardware development.

IERUS’s signatures customers include Lockheed-Martin Space Systems Company and L-3 Communications. Experience with these customer reaches from large-scale proposal support and subject-matter-expert data review to detailed, full-program signatures design. IERUS is experienced in leading integrated and in-depth IR signatures support for large-scale ($400M+/year) programs from SRR through first article and operational test.

IERUS is ready to support your signatures analysis needs. Contact us!