Optical System Design

Take innovative state-of-the-art optical designs from concept to reality faster and more accurately with our comprehensive optical design services. We have proprietary tools that produce end-to-end sensor models for visible through long-wave infrared and also account for aberrations, distortions, and noises. Because of this, you can design and predict the performance of your optical system with fewer design iterations allowing you to develop accurate optical systems, faster.

LWIR simulated imagery

Optics Modeling and Simulation

Our expert team has over two decades of experience creating holistic sensor models for visible through long-wave infrared sensors. The simulations we are able to create are comprehensive because we addressing for aberrations, distortions, and noise plus aero-optics and aero-thermal effects. And we have particular expertise in modeling, simulating, calibrating, and processing polarimetric imagery. Application areas include passive and active sensors based on the ground, in the air, or in space.

Image Processing

Our expertise in 2D and 3D image and video processing can add extra intelligence to your optical system. Here are some examples of features that image processing can add to your optical system either in hardware, software, or both.

  • Target detection
  • Target tracking
  • Object recognition (i.e., object size, material, shape, etc.)
  • Geolocation¬†
Geolocating Image Processing Example with Google Maps
Optical Design

Optics Sensor Design

Design and predict the performance of various imaging sensors, including:

  • passive infrared,
  • structured lighting,¬†
  • laser radar,
  • and star trackers.
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