V-Lox provides unparalleled speed and accuracy for a wide variety of electromagnetic design, analysis, and electrostatic applications. Using novel software and hardware acceleration techniques, V-Lox affords users a cost-competitive solution making full use of all available computing resources. V-Lox is multi-GPU accelerated for ultra-fast simulation speed and has been demonstrated to provide up to 100X speedup over competing tools. With V-Lox, see what you can design today.

Industry-Proven Computational Software

V-Lox is one of our commercially-available software tools that is able to drastically decrease the fabrication and simulation cycle time so that designers can focus on creating an overall better solution. And unlike other solutions available, the V-Lox software can model and simulate faster without a loss of accuracy.

We offer three versions of our V-Lox software to best meet your modeling and simulation needs.


Our foundational version of V-Lox has an extensive list of application areas and features, see below.


Device design and analysis

On-body antenna array patterns and coupling

Fast and accurate scattering predictions

Wideband RF signatures

Antenna design and placement

Phased arrays


Co-site interference

EMC/EMI analysis

Radomes with FSS

Filters, couplers, networks

Rapid EM device design optimization

Method of Moments


Plane wave and antenna excitations

Passive circuit loads

Network parameters

Directivity, gain, realized gain

Near fields

Fast direct solver for electrically large bodies


Multi-GPU solvers provide >16X speed-up

Out-of-core solver for ultra-large problems

V-Lox: Electrostatics

Our electrostatics version of V-Lox can help provide unparalleled speed and accuracy to electrostatics and analysis applications. Here is an extensive list of application areas and features.


Ion trap design for quantum computing

Particle accelerators

Particle dynamics

Capacitance extraction


Arbitrary electrode excitations

Near fields and potentials

Fast direct solver for large geometries


Multiple symmetry planes

Matlab/Python interface

Paraview& HDF5 export

Decrease your fabrication and simulation cycle time.

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