Our team consists of individuals who aren't afraid to dig deeper to solve problems. We solicit and listen to our employees' ideas and create an environment where they can thrive. As a result, IERUS has won the Best Places to Work award from the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce three times, and placed as a finalist seven times.

Our Work Environment

Our company culture encourages creativity and a flexible work schedule, plus, we supply caffeine to help fuel our employees while they solve the toughest problems.

Flexible Environment

There's nothing cookie-cutter about our office space. Our employees have diverse options for their work environment so that they can efficiently develop the best solutions for our clients.

Innovation Cells

Our employees work in capability- or product-focused teams that we call Innovation Cells. This allows them to exchange ideas and lessons learned over a broad spectrum of experience. Innovation Cells help our team develop novel solutions for our customers.

Team Collaboration

We encourage cross-communication between our areas of expertise by having collaboration zones in our office space. Additionally, we have monthly cross-collaborative meetings to exchange knowledge and ideas.

Lean Business Principles

At IERUS, we have a flat organizational structure that allows our whole team to easily collaborate in a flexible environment.

Supported Ideas

Our employees know they can bring new ideas to the table and that we will empower them to solve problems with the proper tools and the right environment.

Team Camaraderie

Both on and off the clock, the IERUS team has several get-togethers to mentor each other while continuing to grow the team's camaraderie. 

Mentoring Programs

Our diverse team consists of people with decades of experience to people getting started with their career. Together, we exchange knowledge to help each other learn and grow.

Young Professionals of IERUS

The YPIs (yip-ees) host monthly events outside of work, such as game nights or visiting local attractions, to network with their peers outside of work.

Awards Banquet

Each year, our leadership team hosts an awards banquet to show the team how valued they are. We even travel out to our operating locations around the nation to do this or fly them into Huntsville. 

Bi-Annual Events

Twice a year, we host company outings that are 100% company-sponsored to treat our employees to a fun time outside of work.

Here's What Our Employees Have to Say

"The people at IERUS come from various different backgrounds but everyone seems to get along better than in any other corporate culture I have been a part of."

IERUS routinely tells its employees that work/life and work/family balance is important to its culture…and the leadership consistently backs up those words with actions.

"The environment is very productive but at the same time is not rushed or oppressive..."

"...[IERUS] finds a sweet spot between directing individuals with specific instructions and giving them broader tasks designed to give them opportunities for self-improvement and self-learning."

The benefits are in the top-tier in Huntsville. IERUS goes above and beyond to work with employees to offer areas where they can pursue independent research to develop opportunities.

IERUS has afforded me the opportunity and support to pursue funding to enable me to research areas of science and technology and are of particular interest to me.

The most important part to me has been the ability to surround myself with multiple fantastic mentors

How We Take Care of Our Team

To retain and recruit at a high level, we ensure our employees are fulfilled intellectually while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, we offer competitive compensation packages, retirement plans, and benefits.

Health Insurance

Life and Disability Insurance

Vision and Dental Insurance

Paid Time Off, Paid Holidays, and Flextime


Educational Assistance Program

Interested in joining our team?

We are seeking highly qualified and driven individuals seeking to participate in the development of next-generation technologies. 

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