Flame is an ultra-fast electromagnetics solver for 1D and 2D periodic geometries such as metamaterials, frequency selective surfaces, diffraction gratings, and absorbing materials. Flame is based on a novel formulation of the Rigorous Coupled-Wave Analysis (RCWA) method and has been constructed to allow maximum flexibility for problems involving:

  • Arbitrary structures within the periodic unit cell
  • Electrically deep multilayer structures
  • Fast solution for structures with >100 layers
  • V & H polarizations and illumination from arbitrary angles down to grazing incidenc
  • Anisotropic dielectric and magnetic properties for unit cell inclusions

Flame has been designed for problems requiring electromagnetics simulation ranging from the radio frequency regime through the visible spectrum. In keeping with IERUS’s computationally efficient software development techniques, there is no runtime penalty for electrically deep structures and 2D periodic problems are solved extremely quickly when compared to equivalent spectral FEM, MoM, or FDTD codes.

Advanced RF applications such as:

  • Electrically small antennas
  • Absorbers
  • Low-observable antennas
  • Frequency selective surfaces
  • Diffraction gratings
  • Planar lenses
  • And more…

Example: Anti-Reflective Nano-Structured Surface

IERUS personnel use Flame on a number of problems, particularly metamaterial design. IERUS has used Flame to design visible-regime metamaterials and verified their performance via fabrication and measurement.

Meas v Predict

AR Finish

Anti-reflective nanostructured surface on N-BK7 glass. There are no added materials or coatings. Only the glass itself is structured to give the AR performance.

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