GPU Acceleration of Software

Graphical processing units (GPUs) represent a new era in co-processor software acceleration.  GPUs enable accelerated software capable to 10-500X speed-up over traditional multi-threaded CPU implementations.

IERUS offers advanced instruction in GPU acceleration using NVIDIA CUDA-capable GPUs.  Our instructors are the best in the business having developed and taught GPU short courses since 2010.  IERUS instructors are leading innovators in GPU acceleration, presenting new methods and techniques at academic and industry conferences.

IERUS’s training courses offer students a customizable experience tailored to the students’ area of interest.  With all IERUS courses, GPU Software Acceleration involves numerous hands-on examples taught in a lab environment so that the student walks away with a practical understanding and experience that can be immediately applied back at the office.

The basic agenda of GPU Software Acceleration covers:

Optional application-specific topics include:

The standard course includes the topics covered in the basic agenda for a 2-day course.  Application specific add-ons will be covered in the 2nd and 3rd days as required.

All IERUS courses include access to the necessary hardware required for the lab portion of the course.  Students will take away a complete printed copy of the course notes and electronic copies of the course labs.  As needed, IERUS will also provided a certificate of completion documenting the instruction hours completed.