July 15, 2019 — The IERUS team enjoys hosting fun events outside of work so that the team can bond and grow its camaraderie. For this event, the Young Professionals of IERUS (YPIs) held a lively trivia game night.

Long-time IERUS employees, Billy Todd and Sam Holliday, hosted this special event for the YPIs. They hosted the trivia game in the a Double Dare style, referencing a popular game show from the 90s.

This meant that if a team could not answer a trivia question, then they could dare the other team to try. In the event that the opposing team couldn’t answer either, then the original team had to participate in a fun challenge instead. These challenges included fun, silly tasks like trying to catch marshmallows in a cup or acting out charades.

The YPIs had a blast hanging out with each other outside of the work environment and getting to have fun with their peers.


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