v_lox_logo_trim-100x364 September 2015: IERUS Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce version 2.1 of our flagship 3D computational electromagnetics software package V-Lox. The new version provides users with several exciting updates and performance improvements including: Matrix fill times 40% faster for metal interaction calculations, Multi-precision support for improved large-scale problem stability and accuracy, Support for the latest NVIDIA GPUs including Titan X and K80, and Improved fast direct solver performance reducing memory requirements and runtimes for large-scale problems by 20%. “With of the latest version of V-Lox you can not only solve larger problems faster but also solve problems not previously thought possible.” – Said Dr. Daniel Faircloth, Chief Engineer, IERUS Technologies. “We are solving problems that took days to weeks a year ago and solving them in hours.” With V-Lox v2.1, IERUS recently demonstrated accurate solution of a 1 million unknown problem in only 10 hours on a single workstation. Contact us to see your Solutions Accelerated™.

About V-Lox

V-Lox is a high performance computational electromagnetics simulation tool incorporating the latest advances in hardware and algorithmic acceleration techniques. V-Lox uses a rigorous formulation based on the Method of Moments to ensure accurate and efficient solutions to antenna, scattering, and microwave circuit problems. With the ability to handle geometries composed of arbitrary metallic and material (dielectric and magnetic) objects, V-Lox is ideally suited to handle all of your advanced modeling requirements. Multi-core and multi-GPU support for V-Lox’s fast direct solver provides users with proven 15-25X speedups over competing products.

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