Machine Learning

As mission-critical systems continue to increase in complexity, so does the stress and burden of providing decision-makers with concise, actionable data. And though machine learning techniques have been well established, applying them in dynamic environments and retrofitting existing systems with such technology has proven difficult. Novel solutions are necessary for this area to equip tomorrow's warfighter, today.


Machine Learning that Goes Beyond Theory

IERUS's machine learning experts have over five decades of combined experience applying machine learning to real-world, DoD problems. Our machine learning solutions have solved massive sensor fusion and electromagnetic phenomenology problems. Additionally, we have applied machine learning methodologies to various areas including, but not limited to, modulation recognition in RF systems, anomaly detection for critical infrastructures, correction of 3D print processes, and solutions to imaging and cooperative navigation problems of autonomous UAV systems.

This depth of machine learning applications is due to our extensive experience across DoD systems. We innovate new solutions and integrate machine learning features and upgrades to make the existing DoD systems smarter.

Low-Cost Modular Open Architecture Radar System

IERUS Technologies developed the Open System Configurable Architecture Radar (OSCAR), a flexible, next-generation platform for developing and deploying new radar capabilities across a wide range of mission spaces.


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