Computational design and analysis processes are time-consuming and intensive. One simulation cycle can take multiple hours or even days to run. Throughout the modeling and analysis process, designers must choose between model accuracy and simulation run time. This tradeoff can increase the amount of hardware prototypes that must be fabricated or the overall algorithm accuracy. Custom software and commercially available tools are needed to better aid designers in rapid prototyping environments and when errors have high consequences.


Industry-Proven Computational Software Tools

Our proprietary and commercially-available software tools are able to drastically decrease the fabrication and simulation cycle time so that designers can focus on creating an overall better solution. And unlike other solutions available, our software can model and simulate faster without a loss of accuracy.

See a brief description of our flagship tools below.


A high-performance electromagnetic simulation tool incorporating the latest advances in hardware and algorithmic acceleration techniques.

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A state-of-the-art, incredibly fast periodic EM solver that can be used for reflection and transmission analysis of multilayered materials with arbitrary unit cell inclusion geometry.

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A flexible multi-physics simulation software framework that allows users to model the coupled effects of different physical processes (e.g., magneto-thermal effects). 


A high-performance, time-domain electromagnetic simulation tool that is based upon an accurate, optimized formulation of the venerable FDTD technique and cutting edge use of multi-core and multi-GPU computations.  

Custom Electromagnetic Software Solutions

With our custom model and simulation software solutions and analytical computing expertise, IERUS can accurately analyze how electromagnetic phenomenons will perform in an exhaustive set of scenarios. And since our highly accurate software techniques are 10-25x faster, our designers can produce higher quality results faster.

Since its inception, IERUS has been developing software that supports electromagnetic design and analysis in the following areas.

Antenna Design

IERUS antenna designs are enhanced by our unique combination of custom CEM software with machine learning and global optimization.

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Microwave Circuit Design

IERUS's CEM software solutions have been applied to realize high performance RF board designs, multi-band filters, and other passives.

Optical Device Design

Our Flame software enables optical surface designs incorporating nano-structured patterning for high performance solutions.

Scattering Problems

IERUS's V-Lox software can accurately and efficiently compute scattering from electrically large objects.

Low-Cost Modular Open Architecture Radar System

IERUS Technologies developed the Open System Configurable Architecture Radar (OSCAR), a flexible, next-generation platform for developing and deploying new radar capabilities across a wide range of mission spaces.


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