System of Systems Design

Modernizing and enhancing DoD weapon systems and the myriad of sensors that support them is a complex problem that considers many interconnected systems acting as one whole. There may be significant consequences when subsystem refinements are designed without consideration of the subsystem's effect on the weapon system as a whole. Weapon system engineering requires System of Systems (SoS) Design that adopts the latest in weapon technology with the least amount of risk as possible.


What Makes IERUS Different

At IERUS, weapon systems engineering is embraced as both a SoS design approach and a philosophy guiding critical thinking and problem solving. We apply a holistic SoS design approach that has been demonstrated, proven and has earned the respect of our industry partners and customers. This is because of our team of weapon system experts.

Our team is comprised of subject matter experts with decades of experience across all major BMDS and IAMD sensors and weapon systems deployed around the world. IERUS's flat corporate structure coupled with agile design practices allow us to rapidly move technology up the TRL ladder to incrementally field and deploy new capability.

While our team can support any SoS Design problem, we are particularly experienced in rapidly assessing and supporting the deployment of complex weapon system upgrades.

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