Open System Configurable Architecture Radar (OSCAR) is a software-defined radar (SDR) platform built upon a flexible software architecture for defining waveforms and new radar modes. Possible applications range from radar cross-section (RCS) characterization to counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) to synthetic aperture radar (SAR). With sample-to-sample control of the waveforms, OSCAR can be optimized to maximize target detection and discrimination performance, operate in adverse signal environments, and provide a low probability of intercept/detection capability. The RF front-end is built entirely from commercially available components to mitigate hardware obsolescence and avoid vendor lock-in issues.


A Novel, Industry-Disrupting Solution

Traditionally, radars require complex RF front-ends with multiple stages of mixing, filtering, and amplification. This hardware complexity drives up SWaP-C and results in an inflexible hardware and software architecture. Using SDR technology, OSCAR provides users with an unprecedented level of control at a lower cost and with a clear path for upgrades and maintenance. Further, OSCAR provides the flexibility required to minimize the design and implementation of new operational modes, which otherwise would require a complete ground-up redesign with traditional radar. OSCAR’s software architecture allows users to control the transmitted waveforms sample-by-sample, thus satisfying multiple mission needs without having to invest in additional hardware components.

Performance for Today, Evolution for Tomorrow

  • Modular Open System Architecture
  • Non-Proprietary COTS Components
  • Government-Purpose Rights
  • Software-Defined Waveforms and Operation
  • Proven Low Observable Detection and Imaging
  • Low-Cost Phased Array Technology
  • Detect, Track, and Discriminate with One System
  • Exo- and Endo-Clutter Detection Algorithms
  • Particle Filter Tracking Algorithms
  • Machine Learning Classification and Discrimination



Configurable per use.

12U Rackmount

Includes motion control, processing, and UPS. Plus, it can be configured for chamber use.

Dual Pol

2x2 Rx/Tx Configurable

Easily Customizable

A few of the customizations include EW, Cyber, EA, anti-jam/spoof, CUAS, etc.

Custom Waveforms

Software-defined for more accuracy.

Mission Agnostic Hardware

System can be used for multiple missions.

Low-Cost Modular Open Architecture Radar System

IERUS Technologies developed the Open System Configurable Architecture Radar (OSCAR), a flexible, next-generation platform for developing and deploying new radar capabilities across a wide range of mission spaces.

Expedite your technology transition time.

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