Strategic Weapons

Lifecycles for modern strategic weapons are complex, multidisciplinary, and lengthy. Making it difficult for solution providers to be involved throughout the entire lifecycle. However, not having experience in each phase of these systems can lend to major design and integration flaws or limitations.


Experienced in All Stages of Strategic Weapon Systems

Since 2010, IERUS has been involved in the design of many ballistic missile systems with a heritage of over 100 missile system ground and flight tests for short, medium, intermediate, and intercontinental range class systems. Specific experience IERUS's team has played in these strategic weapon life cycles include mission planning, final vehicle integration and test, range facility integration, telemetry and flight termination support, onsite mission launch field support, sensor data collection, and post-mission telemetry reduction and reporting.

In addition to our extensive holistic missile system experience, our team excels in the following strategic weapon problem areas.

Force-on-Force Survivability Analysis

IERUS can model large-scale strategic engagements involving hundreds of player interactions and battle management decisions to assess how military space, air, ground, maritime and cyber systems function throughout the course of a mission.

Navigation, Guidance, and Control

Our team specializes in flight software, algorithm development and implementation, hardware integration, and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL) test support.


Development areas include architecture definition, cable harness, flight termination system, telemetry system, ground interface umbilical, and special test equipment.

RCS and IR Signature Modeling & Characterization

IERUS specializes in high-fidelity signature analysis products supporting missile and payload development across various strategic systems.

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