Software Acceleration

Simulation and algorithm design can require processor-intense and time-consuming computations. This causes longer run times that can inhibit designers from rigorously analyzing their design without settling for a fidelity tradeoff in their results. Additionally, legacy systems may need upgrades to run in real-time or low power environments. These scenarios are where software acceleration methods can make your software fieldable and increase the precision of your algorithms and models.


Pioneers in Applied Software Acceleration

Our software acceleration solutions have proven transformative capabilities. Using cutting-edge multi-core, HPC, GPU acceleration techniques we can decrease legacy software and simulation run times by 10-100x while retaining the existing precision or exceeding it.

We are also able to provide customers with data center computation capacity in low-power, fieldable FPGA and embedded solutions.

We have spearheaded this field in the DoD community. Our team of software acceleration experts have years of experience and offer training courses to teach our cutting-edge acceleration techniques, plus, our team contributes to peer-reviewed publications regularly.

Areas of Expertise in Software Acceleration

We solve hard, real-world problems by combining our expertise in software acceleration and machine learning. Here are some of the latest technologies we excel in.

FPGA and Embedded Software Development
GPU Acceleration
High-Performance Computing (HPC)
Low-power Computing
Multi-CPU/GPU Acceleration
Real-time Algorithms

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