19 December 2013: IERUS Technologies is pleased to announce today that the Missile Defense Agency has selected IERUS for a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) award on “Telemetry Impact Reduction for Target Objects”. IERUS will work to design telemetry antennas that reduce the impact to ballistic missile defense target signatures. During Phase I of this SBIR, IERUS designed and simulated performance of antenna elements for transmission and receipt of telemetry and simulated the impacts of the antenna structures on the signatures of the representative objects. During Phase II IERUS will design the remaining elements and refine the design to ensure minimal impact to the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) sensors. During Phase II IERUS will also build and test prototypes of the antennas for incorporation into target vehicles. “Development of representative targets to test the systems we are putting into the hands of our warfighters is of the upmost importance” said IERUS President Dr. Jason Keen, “it ensures that when faced with a real world situation our systems will be able to respond predictably and protect our soldiers. This development will further the representativeness of the targets being used in the BMDS test program.” Approved for Public Release: 13-MDA-7654 (17 December 13)

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