Ronin VTOL

An innovative class 2 unmanned aerial system, reimagined. Our Ronin VTOL UAV is low-cost, yet domestically made. And unlike others in its class, our unmanned aircraft is modular allowing for mission-specific configurations and payloads. 

Key Features & Technology

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Payload Fuselage

Interfaces to the airframe are possible from a simple mechanical connection allowing quick payload integration/de-integration. Electrical passthrough enables full customization of the payload volume for any mission.

Avionics Pod

All avionics required for flight are segregated into this pod leaving the payload fuselage fully available for mission payloads.

Power System Fairings

The CG fine-tuning allows forward/Aft adjustments for even more payload flexibility. Plus, its four 6000 mAh batteries offer an extended flight time of up to 90 minutes.

Variable Pitch / Continuous Tilt Mechanism (patent pending)

The airspeed in all flight regimes is constantly optimized by our composite two-piece propeller and pitch adjustment assembly allowing for VTOL and fixed-wing operations.

Tail Assembly

Our hinges directly integrated into the tail providing higher reliability and fewer components than other comparable UAS.

VTOL Capable

IERUS' patent pending, high-efficiency variable pitch/continuous tilt mechanism means more time flying your mission.

Low Cost; Domestically Produced

Produced in the United States using 3D printing and rapid prototyping to reduce the cost.

Modular Payload Fuselage

All avionics required for flight are separated from the fuselage leaving the fuselage fully available for mission payloads.

Secure, Mesh-Network Datalink

Security is a top priority of our UAS with AES 256-bit encryption.

Performance Specifications

Class 2 UAS Total Maximum Gross Weight: 55 lbs (25kg)
Size 91.5" Length
174" Wingspan
>2000 in 2 Payload Volume
Endurance Up to 90 Minutes
Max Ceiling Up to 10,000' MSL
Flight Modes Vertical Hover
Forward Fixed-Wing Flight
Frequency Configuration 915MHz + 2.4 Ghz
Power 50W Average Supply; 100W Peak Supply
Ground Control Station Compatible with Mission Planner and QGroundControl
Weight / Payload Capacity Aircraft: 45 lbs (20.4kg)
{Airframe, Avionics Pod, Batteries, Empty Payload Bay}
Payload Capacity: 10 lbs (4.5kg)
{Mission Specific to fit Customer Needs}
Encryption AES 256-bit encryption

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Minimal ground support equipment needed.
Payload fuselage for mission-specific needs.
Lightweight aircraft.
45 lbs,  91.5" long
174" Wingspan

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