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IERUS works with customers in the commercial and defense industries to create next-generation solutions, today.


Maximizing Our Customer's Value Through Engineering and Design

Areas of Expertise

Modeling & Simulation

We help our clients understand complex behaviors across scientific domains within their weapon systems.

Custom Software

We develop computational electromagnetic software tools to enable robust RF and optics design solutions.

Custom Hardware

Our engineers develop custom antennas, radars, and NDE tools, for problems previously deemed too difficult.

Battle Management

We help decision-makers intuitively interpret complex data from numerous sources to ensure they make the correct decision at the proper time.

System of Systems Design

Our engineers holistically apply their broad experience to design, enhance, modernize, and support deployment of major DoD sensors and weapon systems. 

Strategic Weapons

Our engineers offer capabilities in the planning, design, evaluation, testing, and maintenance of strategic weapons systems, such as ballistic missiles and hypersonic.

Machine Learning

Our team has over 5 decades of combined experience in applying machine learning to solve the toughest engineering and data problems.

Software Acceleration

We optimize algorithms for high performance on multi-core, multi-GPU, FPGA, and HPC resources, enabling faster analysis iterations and rapid data reduction for edge computing needs.

Commercial Products

IERUS has developed off-the-shelf hardware and software solutions that are commercially available. We have the capabilities to design and develop new, custom solutions.

Weapon Systems Experts

We have decades of experience across all major weapon systems in BMDS and almost all of the major DoD weapon systems. Click on a circle to the right to learn more about our weapon system work in each area. 


IERUS performs modeling, simulation, and analysis of space systems.

IERUS performs modeling, test, and development for the MDA sensor systems.

IERUS develops new novel technologies related to integrated air and missile defense.

IERUS performs modeling, simulation, analysis, and development of threat representative targets as well as modeling and analysis of threat systems.

IERUS engineers work on production and design-related tasks for multiple interceptor systems.

IERUS engineers work weapon system level analyses understanding all the elements of engagement.

IERUS interceptor capabilities include modeling and analysis of sensor systems, discrimination techniques, and production.

IERUS engineers work both on development of new IAMD systems as well as inserting new technologies and capabilities into existing and legacy systems.

IERUS engineers work modeling, simulation, analysis, and development of technologies for fixed and deployed systems.

IERUS engineers work on the integration of new infrastructure while also hardening the reliability and security of the existing infrastructure.

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